Wachtwoorden eenvoudiger maken

In dit artikel van Sans krijg je inzicht in hoe je je wachtwoorden eenvoudig kunt beheren en zelfs eenvoudiger kunt maken. Diverse handige tips om je te helpen jouw wachtwoorden direct te verbeteren, handig!

Below we cover three simple steps to simplify your passwords, lock down your accounts, and protect your future.


The days of crazy, complex passwords are over. Those passwords are hard to remember, difficult to type, and with today’s super-fast computers can be easy for a cyber attacker to crack. The key to passwords is to make them long; the more characters you have the better. These are called passphrases: a type of strong password that uses a short sentence or random words. Here are two examples:

  • Time for strong coffee!
  • lost-snail-crawl-beach

Both of these are strong, with over twenty characters, easy to remember, and simple to type but difficult to crack. You will run into websites or situations requiring you to add symbols, numbers, or uppercase letters to your password, which is fine. Remember though, it’s length that is most important.

Password Managers

You need a unique password for every account. If you reuse the same password for multiple accounts, you are putting yourself in great danger. All a cyber attacker needs to do is hack a website you use, steal all the passwords including yours, then use your password to log in to all your other accounts as you. It happens far more often than you realize. Don’t believe it? Check out the website www.haveibeenpwned.com to see what sites you use that have been hacked and your passwords potentially compromised. So what should you do? Use a password manager.

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